Statement on “Not inviting RNA at ARU Conference

Praise to Allah and Mohammad (PBUH), messenger of Allah and his companions.

Reference to the event on the issue of Arakan Muslim Rohingyas from Myanmar (Burma), the Arakan News Agency (RNA) requested to attend Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU) event as participation to coverage of all media activities at the headquarters of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah. When we requested to Dr. Waqar Uddin, Director General of ARU on last Saturday JLY 6, 2013, he welcomed and asked to contact him after two hours for the confirmation.

After two hours, Dr. Waqar, replied me that he had sent the name of RNA to OIC for approval, but until that moment we had not received any approval, and stated that he tried to contact the organization, but did not find anyone to respond to his call, Meantime, he said he wish to sit with me to talk about some of the issues and asked him to decide about date and time but hopefully after the completion of the conference.

Attending all Rohingya media at ARU conference is important which is a legitimate right and is guaranteed to them, and without the exclusion of any party of the political parties and the media; ARU will benefit from all they tried to participate in this conference, unless they get permission, Although we believe that it was supposed to extend an invitation to all media but unfortunately we did not get permission. And this is what we regret, and it should happen, and in this difficult time passing by our nation through the campaigns of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Burma. We urgently need to unite all efforts, and for cooperation and harmony, but this exclusion will inevitably lead to more cracking and separation within Rohingyas, and this is not what we want and solution for the target of Rohingya issues.

This is necessary to note to him, and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammad and upon his family and companions.


Ata Noor
Makkah, KSA
Mob: 00966555814931
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