Total Rejection of DG 5 yea-rs term Mandate in the name of ARU

This is to inform to all Rohingya brothers and sisters and as well   to all those who are following the unilitral action of Mr.Wakar Uddin with the co-operation of Mr.Talal Daous and Ms.Madani under the cover of a great organization of Muslim Ummah that we the majority founding members of Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU) who hold the organization/s name ARU do hereby  totally reject self-crafted gathering and established mandate of DG for next 5 years renewable  further five years ( reserved for ten years by his own drafted constitution) in the name of ARU with the votes of 12 relatives and 19 GRC/Jaaliyat members plus some residence of Saudi Arabia.

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The Director of Euro-Burma Office (EBO) has issued a statement that current congress did not derive from the original ARU members so this is not ARU congress but of other party and due to  violation of democratic norms by former DG of ARU and his single handed action of holding Congress with new members without consultation and participation  of  founding 14 out of 25 founding members of ARU is not acceptable to the Office of EBO and therefore any outcome whatever it may be  from two days congress will bear no formal recognition of the EBO.


Whereas the first historic Rohingya Convention in Jeddah in 2011 was jointly facilitated by both OIC and EBO, the statement of EBO carries enough and justifiable weight in regard with the illegitimacy of use of  name of ARU.


Moreover, the absence of 4 Senior Rohingya leaders and EBO Director  who paved the way for the first Rohingya Convention and formation of ARU in Jeddah  in 2011  and all the  elected and authorized    5  executive Coordinators in various fields  , highly qualified  majority council/congress members in this congress  named in  ARU-2nd Congress is the show cause reasons  of the  total rejection of the claim of restablishment of new mandate of ARU-DG.


All Rohingyas and well-wishers of the Rohingyas are sincerely requested not to recognize and deal with newly self-established 5 yrs. termed with handpicked people, relatives and cronies on July 08, 2013.


Endorsed and signed by…


All ARU signatory members.


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