Latter From Rohingya Saudi Arabia

I would like to pour out our facing problem and difficulty in processing Iqama and job allowance opportunity in Saudi Arabia. As far as I know that, it brought the great opportunity for Rohingyas by Saudi government sympathy to Rohingyas on behalf of persecuting in Arakan. I am warmly welcome and thankful to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.13 (1)

On this regards, the Iqama processing start on hand of Jalia al Burmawiya( Burmese community) in March 2013. Their procedures are excellently good and systematically.  Firstly, fill up the application form with bio- data and annexed documents for Iqama.  Secondly, to have proved, he/she is Burmese or not. Finally, Saudi authority checked the all data and application form and negotiates with sponsor (Kafeel) and companies. I would like to explain our path to get Iqama. In Jalia al Burmawiya members are local born dearest and nearest and deep rooted persons who came here more than 40 years ago, they know nothing about Arakan,Rohingya, Burmese language and write. As my experience to fill up the form, I have given a token to enter the room where form are filling, after few hours later,  I was in front of some Jalia al Burmawiya  members who examined me from where I came, what you know about in Arakan and famous persons in your village or town etc….. They didn’t check and glimpse my file which was full of my data and documents. After passing of cross question of them, given a token this was made of empty cigarettes bundle. A few minutes later, my name was called by a man to follow him to a room for filling form, when I entered the room; I saw all clerks were dressed as Saudi who filled the form in completely Arabic. They started string of questions checking documents (Birth certificate, ID thon kak show, Degree certificate) page by page as if he can read Burmese and began to fill the form, after filled up the form another person was commended to cut the hair only one inch who gave the token with file number for oral examine to proof as Burmese citizenship again.

In April 2013, I got an appointment letter to interview. In this letter, there are some rules mentions on it.0 (1)

1         Cut hair an inch

2         Ware Kurta and cap ( coat, pant and shirt ware not allowed)

3         Not allowed cell phone, camera and other devices.

Next day morning 8 o’clock, when I heading the gate of interview office, watch man (local born) check token and whole body by touching and leading to the office, another person gave me a token again told me wait until your number come. After patiently waiting long time.

During my wasting time: “I saw local born staffs (Saudi style wrapping rope on head) are holding papers to and fro entered the rooms by rooms as busy as bees. One of the newest neighbors who was sitting by me, grumbling that is not fair and system. I noticed that, local born staffs who busiest in office for dearest and nearest (including bribery). All staffs are local born pretending as Saudi national who couldn’t know anything about Arakan and Burma “At least my number was called, I stepped to the room (1); he asked to show tokens which were given in the office just few hours ago and another one was file number token which I got last month. He gave me a form to fill up and point out the room (2). Some rotten face of men sitting on a bench in the room, I occupied a seat edge of the bench. In front of me, a full of Saudi style local born teenager sitting and filling their forms who came before me, It took long time because of his cell phone for calling and answering by his friends. He seems we are not worthier than friends during on his duty. In Room (3), the in charger checked the form and signed on it, told me to wait outside the bench till your name was called. Impatiently waiting a couple hours, my name was shouted; I quickly hand up to see me and he leads room (4). There was no one in the room; I sit again on chair and look around, I saw a telephone on a table, a few minutes later, phone was rang, when I picked it up some one is asking me, I understand that it was interview room, I could’ve seen their booths, they can see me behind the glasses.  Let me explain their questions;

What is your name?   Where are you from? When did you come here? What is your education status?  For illiterate person, they asked mostly questions that tell me you’re around neighbor villages and famous or head persons etc…. . If you fail, they will hand over to immigration officers.

If you educated their question is more and nonsense. Nobody would pronounce the accurately primary, middle and high school in Burmese unless he learnt in Burma. I answered all questions correctly.  I got previous seat again waiting for my award of interview. My tolerance was going down for empty stomach. It was stroke the four o’clock, one gentle man called my name and permit to enter their room (5). There were more than four persons sitting each chair, they looked me up and down as I was an actor or criminal. One clergy ordered me one by one to pull out my cap (Namaz topi), spread my fingers, open your mouth, show me your leg nails etc….If they didn’t like or fit, we have to follow their rules(cutting hair, nails, kurta length …). Without signature of them, we couldn’t get certificate (yellow card) which granted as Burmese. We can travel with it and able to get Iqama. The last stage, it was completely discrimination, mentally torching, and segregating, totally inhuman act. During my passing morning to evening, I have been ill-treatment and insulting. The stuffs are segregated and divided between local born and Burmese born. It was very rudeness rather than staffs. Sometime the priest (motuwa) used Arabic language to impress them. They can’t speak Rohingya language influence. At least I got the card. Saudi government is providing jobs in private companies as motor cars workshop, clinics, pharmacies etc. there are local born brokers between companies and worker. We have to apply the job through the brokers, if he recommends the person; he will get the job basic salary on 2000 to 3000 Saudi riyals as qualification. The priorities are only local born younger; whatever Burmese born have certifications, experiences and skills. We are in second category, they don’t care our qualifications decree certificates. We are suffering mentally too much.       

             Dear sir, how can we satisfy them? We came here for our family surviving who are in big jail, Arakan. As you know, our situation is going worse day by day. If we can’t afford to support the family, how can they survive daily life? We have nothing place to pour out our feeling except you.4 (1)


One comment on “Latter From Rohingya Saudi Arabia

  1. Nonsense. Only some ungrateful persons like you can write such things.

    Let me be neutral. I got my rectification process done like anyone else.
    In fact I say they are doing it really good for the sake of congenial processes. It’s true that some actions were misleading but later they fixed the vulnerable spots. I am working with JALIYAT also and working with them proudly to serve the community here in Saudi Arabia and other places around the world. I am like you and I do not wear thobe and pretend like Arabs.

    60% of your above explanation is wrong.
    You are just trying to attack them.
    These systems and requirements were provided by the Respected government of Saudi Arabia as a humanitarian service to our Rohingya community.
    Be thankful to the government and do not keep complaining.
    If you don’t like how the process is done, go to one of the refugee camps in Bangladesh and taste the life there.

    This is to be told that you are looking at the whole process from your negative perspectives.
    Look for someone who has been living in Saudi Arabia since last 15 years and ask him if he attended the rectification process of that time or not?
    And then compare the difference between then and NOW.

    1) This time, You received token in your home from the JALIYAT representatives in the place were you live.
    2) Someone called you when to come for rectification interview.
    3) Yes, you have to wait for long time in the venue of rectification because you are not the only one sitting there. Processes have to be more clear and detailed to make sure that NO non-Rohingya pass through this interview and get Iqama.
    4) You were made to wait in very good condition, clean and A/C operated area.
    5) You were given water to drink when you feel thirsty.
    6) You were given juice and soft drinks.
    7) Praying area and toilets outside the venue.
    8) You were given lunch box while living the venue in the afternoon.
    9) All above services were giving to women area also.
    10) Most of our community youngsters are not well mannered here. Yes that is the bitter truth. So JALIYAT people are trying to show the good faces of our community by disciplining the guys who keep long HOLLYWOOD style hair cuts and wear un civilized dresses. So. they are trying to fix those.
    11) All processes are done under high security camera surveillance and watched over by high ranked Authority.

    Above were not all to mention and write here.

    Therefore. You tried to show negative sides which were made up by you hiding your real name.

    You are not suffering my dear, you are not being tortured,
    you are just un-thankful and ungrateful for what you are getting here in Saudi Arabia.

    Our community in Arakan, they are the ones who are suffering daily, killed, tortured both physically and mentally.

    That’s All.

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