VIEW : Rohingya Muslims: children of a lesser god? — Mohammad Ahmad

The HRW report accused the Burmese government of engaging “in a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya that continues today through the denial of aid and restrictions on movement”

Britain conquered Burma over a period of 62 years (1824-1886) and incorporated it into its Indian Empire, administering it as a province of India until 1937 when it became a separate, self-governing colony. Burma was granted independence in 1948.

Post-independence, Burma took measures to strengthen the economic interests of the Buddhist Burmese against those that it saw as foreigners. These measures were intelligently masked to portray generality but most specifically hurt the Rohingya who constituted the biggest section in the Muslim population of independent Burma. Among the several Acts passed by the Burmese government in 1948, the Land Alienation Act forbade the sale of land to non-Burmese nationals while denying citizenship to anyone who could not prove his ancestors settled in the country before 1823. As a result, Muslims in its Arakan province, whose ancestors were in Burma and contributed to its economic activity even a century ago, were denied their right to own land and, therefore, any benefit accruing out of such ownership. Continue reading


20 out of 28 original signatories didn’t attend 2nd ARU convention of Jeddah. Is this convention against or in favour of Burmese regime?

I am trying to analyse and understand myself the 2nd convention of ARU held in Jeddah by Dr. Wakar Uddin. I would also like to share it with general Rohingya public to let them know the truth. For easy comprehension I have broken down to five parts. It has gone a little longer though I tried my best to shorten it. Thanks in advance for your patience to read it.
English: Saudi Arabia

Part I. Analysis

(1)  All the 4 out of 4 founding permanent members were absent. All the 5 out of 5 coordinators were absent. 8 out of 10 council members were absent. 7 out of remaining 13 general Congress members were absent. In total 20 persons out of 28 original signatories (25 organizations and 3 additional persons) of 1st convention have totally absent. (Please check the list below for your own judgment). Above all Mr. Harn, the man who was trying hard to bring all Rohingya parties to one platform since long time before the OIC is involved, the main organiser of the ARU, one of the two co-sponsors of ARU,  himself was absent too. Continue reading

Dhaka wants Rohingyas living in KSA to forego Bangla passports

Hundreds of thousands of the Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar living in the Kingdom, who had received Bangladeshi passports in 1978-79 to flee Buddhist persecution in the Burmese state of Arkan, have been urged by Dhaka to forgo Bangladeshi passports.

26/06/2009 - Helen Clark meets with the Foreig...

Bangladeshi Expatriates’ Welfare Minister Mosharraf Hossain recently said around 500,000 Rohingyas are living in Saudi Arabia with Bangladeshi passports.
Dhaka and Islamabad had come forward to rescue the persecuted Rohingyas. Continue reading

Latter From Rohingya Saudi Arabia

I would like to pour out our facing problem and difficulty in processing Iqama and job allowance opportunity in Saudi Arabia. As far as I know that, it brought the great opportunity for Rohingyas by Saudi government sympathy to Rohingyas on behalf of persecuting in Arakan. I am warmly welcome and thankful to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.13 (1)

On this regards, the Iqama processing start on hand of Jalia al Burmawiya( Burmese community) in March 2013. Their procedures are excellently good and systematically.  Firstly, fill up the application form with bio- data and annexed documents for Iqama.  Secondly, to have proved, he/she is Burmese or not. Finally, Saudi authority checked the all data and application form and negotiates with sponsor (Kafeel) and companies. I would like to explain our path to get Iqama. In Jalia al Burmawiya members are local born dearest and nearest and deep rooted persons who came here more than 40 years ago, they know nothing about Arakan,Rohingya, Burmese language and write. As my experience to fill up the form, I have given a token to enter the room where form are filling, after few hours later,  I was in front of some Jalia al Burmawiya  members who examined me from where I came, what you know about in Arakan and famous persons in your village or town etc….. They didn’t check and glimpse my file which was full of my data and documents. After passing of cross question of them, given a token this was made of empty cigarettes bundle. A few minutes later, my name was called by a man to follow him to a room for filling form, when I entered the room; I saw all clerks were dressed as Saudi who filled the form in completely Arabic. They started string of questions checking documents (Birth certificate, ID thon kak show, Degree certificate) page by page as if he can read Burmese and began to fill the form, after filled up the form another person was commended to cut the hair only one inch who gave the token with file number for oral examine to proof as Burmese citizenship again. Continue reading

Arakan Rohingya Union bitterly divided

No group of human beings on this planet has suffered more persecution than the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. The UN called them one of the most persecuted minority groups in the world.403587_m

Violence toward Rohingyas in Myanmar sparked by the alleged rape and murder of a Buddhist woman in June 2012, has continued steadily over the last year. This is a very bad time for the main group that represents the Rohingya people, the ARU (Arakan Rohingya Union), to find itself bitterly, even irreversibly divided, but that is what is taking place.

Now as they battle for the cause of their people still in Myanmar, those leading this fight in the ARU have reached an impasse over the actions of the group’s leader, Dr. Wakar Uddin. Continue reading